What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and is a way for you to support a local farm by buying a subscription share of the produce and products grown on that farm. By subscribing to that farm, you not only get to enjoy locally grown produce but you’ll also know your financial support is directly funding that farm’s operations. Your subscription also gives you the opportunity to get to know your grower, as well as stimulate your local economy and reduce the carbon footprint by choosing products not flown or trucked in from far away.

By purchasing one of our CSA flower shares, you will receive a beautiful bouquet weekly, for the duration of the subscription, chock full of bodacious buds and blossoms we’ve grown ourselves from seed to bloom just a couple miles outside of Fairfield.

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Rocket Rabbit
Flower Farm

I have always loved flowers. Even as a child, roaming the seven houses of my parents’ greenhouse business. My contribution to the family business was to take visitors on a personalized tour of my favorite cats and flowers. The blooms would be an unexpected delight to customers who often travelled specifically to our rural spot in southern Michigan to peruse houseplants, cactii and succulents.

After we moved to Iowa my mother worked as an in-home chef for local families, but she eventually found herself called back to plants, channeling her love into landscaping. I joined her in my late teens and spent the next 20 years off and on working with her, and on my own, defining, creating and transforming clients yards into the hidden gems they longed to be.

It was a wonderful practice that both prepared and inspired me to pursue my interest in growing cut flowers and joining the burgeoning field of farmer florists.

So for the love of flowers, I humbly offer you a taste from our farm and hope you find as much joy and inspiration in our selections as we do!

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